Special Projects

Africa Public Radio has many “Special Projects” that we put our efforts and resources behind.
Take a look and see how you can become involved!

1. Gowns For Gals

Stellular Professional School- Kampala, Uganda Stella Nasuna, Headmistress
Because there is no “free” education in Africa, parents pull their daughters out of grade school so fees can be paid for their sons. Sadly, many of these young ladies end up as housekeepers or in prostitution. The school trains young women in Sewing, Fashion Design, Hair Dressing, Catering, Massage, Advertising, Sales/Marketing & Radio Production.

  1. Formal wear, such as wedding/bridesmaid & prom dresses can be used as patterns for new outfits or altered and sold or rented.
  2. Fabric is very expensive in Africa.  The girls use it for sewing practice & to produce items for sale including baby clothes for local orphans.
  3. Electric sewing machines in good repair are a rarity.  Most learn on old fashioned pedal machines.

2. Computer Learning Centre

Many African students have never seen a computer. Some school children learn the keyboard by drawing one on paper. Young people with computer skills in programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Quickbooks and Power Point can get paying jobs.


  1. Laptops for Yei, Sudan and Koboko, Uganda computer training centres. Laptops conserve our precious electricity which comes from solar or small generators. Shipping costs of $4-$8/pound+ make it difficult to carry desktops into remote areas.
  2. Desktop CPUs (P IV or higher) can be shipped in containers into our stations in major African cities.
  3. Flat panel monitors which are “multi-voltage” (110-220v) are better able to handle all-too-common power surges that old style tube monitors.

3. Sunshine Dialysis Clinic
Victoria Bleboo, Dan’s assistant in Ghana, experienced kidney failure in 1998.  SInce then she has begged & borrowed the $300 weekly for expensive dialysis treatments. Through her, we have met many others who cannot afford the treatments so are forced to go home and die.  It’s our desire to set-up a low cost 24/7 dialysis clinic that would save the lives of many.


  1. New or late model dialysis machines in good repair with manuals.
  2. Container loads of “disposables”- the one-time use lifters and tubing sets needed by each pateient.
  3. $25,000 to set up the clinic, pay 1st years rent & 6 months salary for doctor, nurse and technician.

4. Tower of Power- Kampala, Uganda

Bob 92.7 FM, Africa’s ONLY all country music station, needs $12,500 to move its tower to Cathedral Hill. Muamar Khadafi, Libyan President has built a beautiful Mosque at the base of the hill. From a gold-plated minaret their faithful are called to prayer 6 times daily. The Aglican Bishop has agreed to provide a no-cost 99-year land lease for out tower IF we install a large lighted cross tha would shine above the mosque and powerful speakers that would call Christians to prayer immediately before the Muslims are called.


  1. $12,500 to complete the 300 foot tower. A church in Tucson, AZ has paid for the first 50 feet @ $50 a foot.
  2. $3000 for the lighted cross that will be seen nightly by 2 million people.
  3. $5000 for the powerful speaker system that will play Gospel music and issue a Call to Prayer for local Christians.

5. Radio Station in a Suitcase

An uneasy peace treaty which ends in 2011 has temporarily stopped the senseless slaughter of millions of Sudanese Christians by their own govt. A Gospel station is desperately needed in Juba, the capital of South Sudan and in Darfur where the genocide continues. Utilizing tiny transmitters and antennas, which are hand-carried into these remote areas, allow us to launch these “pirate” radio stations quickly.

NEEDS: (for each station)

  1. 100 watt transmitter $3300
  2. Laptop computer with automation software $2500
  3. Mixer, microphone and cd player $1000
  4. Antenna & transmission line $1200
  5. Shipping $600TOTAL PER STATION $8,600

6. Cars/Trucks
Strong vehicles, especially diesels, will be shipped to Africa. Others will be sold locally to raise needed funds.

7. Backpack “Attack”
Most African kids have NEVER owned a backpack or school bag.  American kids throw our the old and clamor for a new one each year. Please help us by collecting used bags and filling them with…

  1. Notebooks and paper
  2. Pencils/pens
  3. Kleenex/Handkerchiefs
  4. Toothpaste and brush
  5. Colored pencils/eraser
  6. Stockings